Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Final Countdown

So tomorrow  (Monday) night there will be a Twitter party for Campaign 16, and at the end Leah will be announcing the three new Mamavation Moms! Will one of them be me? I sure hope so, but won't know until then! If you would like to join in the fun, just RSVP here. In addition to finding out who the new Mamavation moms will be, there will be fun and prizes!

This past week as a finalist was a lot of fun. Each day brought new challenges with the hazing. I have been sore all over every day. But it is a good sore! I weighed in this morning and was pleased to see I was down 1 lb since last week. I was SO HAPPY to see the scale move again after nearly 3 weeks of no losses! I am hoping that I will see some bigger movements next week. I really think that for me, the key to weight loss is to keep changing things up and keep my body guessing. Every time I revert to that I lose weight.

This week I :
  16 miles (ran a 5K and had a PR of 34:11)
  415 burpees
  450 squats
  235 lunges per side
  128 v-ups
  8 x 1 minute planks
  60 thrusters 
  9 x 1 min Feet of fire
  100 jumping jacks

I think there might have actually been more than that, but I must be honest and say I didn't have it all logged in my journal, so I misght have missed something here or there. But as you can see, I have had quite a busy week! Of all the things listed above I think the hardest are the burpees and the v-ups. Bu they are also VERY effective! You can feel the burn for sure! As hard as they are I LOVE them! 

Another huge highlight of my week this week was being featured as The Sista of the Week on the Mamavation forums. It was a huge honor and a great boost to push through the hazing this past week! 

I was trolling around on FB earlier and I saw a picture posted that I had been tagged in back at Christmas. I had promptly untagged myself because I thought, "OMG what an unflattering picture!" In reality, I just hadn't come to grips yet with the weight that had crept on over the summer and fall months. This is that picture:

This picture was taken at Christmas. And no the food in front of me was not all mine, but it might as well have been. I've always had the attitude that if I was hungry I would eat, if not I wouldn't. I wasn't going to deprive myself. As time went on though, I wreaked havoc on my metabolism by chronically under-eating the right things and then overloading one carbs and sweets. Since I joined Mamavation I have learned a LOT about the foods I was putting into my body, and I am getting a better handle on what I need to change. I need to fuel my workouts! After this picture was taken, and after I joined Mamavation, I began making changes. I changed the way I work out, I changed how often I worked out, and I changed the way I eat. I have lost 17.2 lbs since January 9th! I still have 25-30 lbs to go to reach my goal weight, and I know I can do it.  So regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's Twitter party, I am still planning to be a big part of Mamavation and I still plan to keep pushing myself to reach my weight loss and fitness goals.

Thanks for cheering me on along the way, I truly appreciate your support!


  1. Hey! Sounds like you had an intense week!! So happy that you saw a loss! Those are the best!

    Hope you have a fantasic week! Good Luck tomorrow!


  2. Congrats on the progress and the PR! I can't wait to have that kind of 5K time. I did one in 45:28 on Sunday, and I'm pretty proud that I just got out there, even though I know some people could walk the whole thing faster...

  3. You are doing a fantastic job, and it's easy to see a difference in you now and that picture!