Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 Week Challenge Day 4

Today was a not so great day. But it wasn't all bad. Today was a struggle because I failed to manage my time properly, and b/c of said failure to manage time, I wound up eating crap!

For breakfast I ate two eggs scrambled with a tablespoon of salsa, and a banana. Off to a great start! Then I left the house, forgot my pedometer when I had to change into warmer clothing, and didn't get home until 4 hours later. I ate a grilled cheese for lunch.  Not the best choice. Not even a good choice. But it get's better..or is it worse?? I completed my pyramids, laundry, floor cleaning, all while helping the kids do homework. We had to deliver a cub scout fundraiser to someone on our way to girl scouts, so dinnertime was rushed. I  made the kids pancakes b/c I hadn't planned dinner. As we left I ate a pancake. Just one, with no butter or syrup. My planned dinner was salad with tuna and salsa on top. Sounds weird but it's yummy. But again...time management. Ugh. So no salad for me. I left girl scouts at 7:45 pm. Had to run by the grocery store to get something my husband needed for work. then went home, put my daughter to bed, changed again, and off to the causeway I went to run with my running buddies at 8:45.  We ran 4.7 miles in just 1 hour and 7 min. Not a great time but if you consider that we walked about a mile of it, not bad. So it has been a long, long day. Oh, and I ended the day with 14, 368 steps. So it was not a great day, but it was okay.

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