Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Week Challenge Results!

So today was the ending of the Mamavation Two Week Challenge. I had completed all of the workouts during the challenge, I made sure I hit at least 10,000 steps every day (except for one, I only had 8851), and I tried to do extra things, like running, boot camp workouts, and some pre-Mamavation-Mom-Applicant-hazing workouts. So I have been pushed to the brink these last two weeks. There were days I couldn't lift my arms, and days I could barely move my legs! It has been amazing.

I purposely did not weight myself during this period (aside from taking initial measurements) because I wanted to see what my results would be, without constantly checking on the scale. I also was afraid if I wasn't losing weight I would lose focus and slack off. The first week was the hardest. These workouts are intense! Then, this last week happened. I went to meet up with some other mothers I know, we were working out together, and someone asked if I had lost weight. Well yes, I have! Seventeen pounds! But I have been losing it slowly, not overnight, so hearing it was exciting. I wondered if maybe I had lost more? Things began to fit differently. I don't feel like I am busting out of my own clothing anymore. I am starting to feel progress!

So this morning I took my measurements, and while at first I was a tad disappointed, after a bit I realized that these are actually great numbers! See for yourself: 

 Start weight: 154.2 lbs                End weight: 154.6 lbs
 Start waist: 32 in                         End Waist: 30.5 in
 Start Hips: 38.75                         End Hips: 37 in
 Start Thighs: R: 23 L:22.75        End  Thighs: R: 20 L:18.75

So while I was at first disappointed that I GAINED 0.4 lbs in the last two weeks, I LOST 10.25 inches!!! This is crazy!! So perhaps I didn't lose a ton of weight. But clearly I built muscle this week. Which is something I have been working towards. Part of my goal, is to have my best body ever. It's not just about the number on the scale, but also about building my body into the best shape it can be. That means eating right and building muscle. It was amazing to see such great results in the last two weeks. I am so excited about the results I will continue to see if I keep pushing myself this way, which I fully intend to do of course!

Which reminds me! The deadline for applying to be the next Mamavation Mom is April 1st! I have already applied, and would love to see others, like myself, find success through the Mamavation community. If you have a minute I'd love if you would show some support by Tweeting this out"
"Hey ! I want to be the next Mom. She has my support! "

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  1. You rock Amy! Congrats on the inches lost!I tweeted for you :D