Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Week Challenge, Week 3 Day 3

Today's workout is Ab blaster. O am going to be doing it very shortly. Again I am doing the more challenging set of exercises. I REALLY want to see some results! I am trying to push myself in all that I am doing.

This morning we got off to a great start, I met up with some of my Moms Run This Town (MRTT) running buddies and we ran the Jelly Bean 5K. There is a 10K also, which I am planning to run on Thursday evening. Grayson enjoyed his ride in my double jogger, and I had a time of 37:30 which is not bad considering I was pushing my double jogger. He even ran a little bit himself.

For breakfast this morning I ate very light, just a banana, as I cannot run on a full stomach.For lunch today I made a smoothie with 8 oz soymilk, protein powder, a frozen banana cut up, and a Tbsp of natural peanut butter. It was so good. Dinner was more roasted veggies and a salad, topped with avocado. It might seem odd to some, but I actually hate salad dressing. So I love putting things like avocado or tuna/salsa or even a boiled egg on my salad to add a lil extra something. I ended the day with 16,085 steps today. Not too shabby! I am hoping to complete a 10K Friday and then the another Anywhere5K on Saturday.

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