Monday, March 18, 2013

Mamavation Monday:

Today is day one of our second week in the two week challenge. Last week left me feeling exhausted and sore EVERY DAY. I loved it though! Having yesterday off was wonderful and relaxing.

 I spent the day with my husband and kids, taking out a couple hours to do a 2 year old's birthday photos. She is such a lil cutie pie, and is near and dear to our family as well. Like my son, Joseph, she wears cochlear implants to hear. Our families have grown close over the last year or so, and I find it a privilege to take pictures marking such a special occasion for them! Actually, right now she is in the midst of a contest to be featured as a model for MEd-El (the manufacturer of her cochlear implants) and could use a few more votes. So if you have a spare moment and can go and "like" this photo on FB, I know her mama would be thrilled! Here is the link : Click Here and go "Like" this photo! 

When I returned home I whipped up dinner and some "pupcakes" for our wonderful dog, Bailey. Yesterday was Bailey's first birthday. She loved her special treat, and so did the kids. And the best part of it was that it was totally healthy! I found the recipe here: RunDMT's Peanut Butter Pupcakes!  My kidds approved of the cupcake portion, but the icing was more than they could handle. Bailey, of course, LOVED them. Today Bailey is at the vet having her leg examined. A few days ago she started limping off and on and favoring her left rear leg. I'm worried she has torn her ligament, or injured her hip somehow. We hoped a couple days rest would improve the situation, but it hasn't, so off to the vet she went. So if you could keep her in your thoughts, we'd really like to have a non-surgical outcome! Thank-you!

The Birthday Girl!

So back to the wonderful Two Week Challenge, today is Pyramids. I LOVE these. When you start them, you think, not so bad. But then as you continue on it gets increasingly difficult. They are so very effective too! I am about to get to work on that as soon as I publish this post.  This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal, with just a touch a honey and a bit of soymilk. It was pretty good. I had a banana for a snack. Lunch was tuna fish again with a tbsp of salsa on top of a small salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, and carrots. Still trying to decide what will be for dinner tonight since I will have my ASL class final test. Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm telling you I could eat tuna every. single. day. if I could do it and not have my family hate me for forcing them to join me. LOL My prayers are with you and your pup-pup. That birthday picture is too darn cute!

  2. YAY for the two week challenge! I completely agree with you that you think it is going to be ok and then half way through it gets harder and harder but we push through to get it done! Keep it up and praying for the pup and it is nothing too serious!

  3. Great work on the #2weekchallenge, and happy birthday to the doggie! :)

  4. Your little friend is too cute and I liked the picture on Facebook. Happy Belated Birthday to your 4 legged baby.

  5. Yay for sweet Bailey's birthday :)

    Great job with the 2 week challenge!!!

  6. Dude, I totally love the Pyramids workout too! <3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who celebrates my dog's birthday!

  7. Good luck on your big test and I love, love, love the puppy picture