Monday, March 4, 2013

Mamavation Monday -

This week is all about getting my back healthy again so I can keep pushing myself forward in this journey. I went this morning for my 2nd adjustment. It's amazing how you feel better and "worse" at the same time! I guess I wouldn't say that "worse" is really how I feel, but achy and sore.

We have been experiencing some unusual cold weather in Florida, especially unusual for being in March. Due to this, I am having a harder time getting my runs in since 90% of the time I run with my son in the jogging stroller. I might brave the cold temps tonight and do a causeway run, but I'm  unsure as the wind  is also super crazy right now. I hate not being able to get my miles in! Luckily I can still do my workouts here at the house, so I am not at a standstill with my fitness routine...just a little unbalanced. Speaking of the cold weather...I have noticed I have an incredibly hard time getting my hands or feet to warm up when it's cold out. In fact, they are always cold to the touch...even in warm weather. But with this recent cold snap they are like ice cubes! Have you experienced this before? Is there a way to change this? I feel as though it must be related to my circulation, but not really sure there is anything to be done for that. They work fine (albeit slower), they are just wicked cold! The one perk is that I can always goose my husband by placing my cold hands on his neck or back!

One thing I have been super proud of...even though I injured my back last week and my workouts had to be majorly adjusted and my runs cut short by the weather...I still managed to lose 0.2 lbs. This is such a tiny victory but it is still a victory to me. Because every time I see a loss (weight wise or clothing size) I see another reason to keep doing what I am doing. That brings me to 13.8 lbs lost since January 9th!  I am not giving up, and I WILL have my best body ever.


  1. I'm sure you can find a way to wrap your son and keep him cozy while you run! I know plenty of people that keep running with little ones in the northern states!
    Good luck!

  2. My hands are always cold, and they feel so clumsy! I agree with PP, just bundle up your little one, he'll probably love it!

  3. A tiny victory is still a victory. :) Happy Monday!

  4. Congrats on the lbs lost! The weather really bugs out my workout schedule sometimes. It blows, but we do what we gotta do right! hugs!

  5. The weather can be a pain on some days blaaaah
    Congrats on your weight loss!

    I am not sure about daily life, but you can use warmers in your gloves and socks during cold runs.

    I agree with everyone - - bundle up,and layer him for the runs. Windy days always made my Superkid giggle in the jogging stroller :)

  6. Thanks ladies! I am determined to keep on pushing through!

  7. I can not wait for spring. I should get motivated and meet up with my neighbor that is out many mornings on snowshoes or skis. Wish I had that movitivation.

    Congrats on your loss and hope your back is better soon!

  8. You're doing an awesome job! Those jogging strollers are no joke - they are super hard! I have found since I started losing weight that it's like I just can never warm up. I guess I was just used to all that fat keeping me warm :-)