Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week Two, Day 4

Today was a pretty intense day fitness-wise. When I first awoke I saw that I had a notification on my phone that I had been tagged in the Mamavation forums. As requested (by myself) +Leah Segedie had assigned me 100 burpees to do as early hazing Part of the application process to become a Mamavation Mom includes hazing, wherein the applicants are given various assignments ranging from burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, etc. Clearly 100 burpees is pretty intensive, so I broke it up into sets of 20. After each set I did another chore, then went back to doing the burpees. Before I knew it I had done 100 burpees, and picked up the morning mess. Then it was the pyramids from the Two Week Challenge. So by the time all was said and done my arms were about ready to fall off!

After a while a new assignment was given. Two sets of 25 lunges per leg, and three sets of 50 jumping jacks. Maybe this is just a mom-of-five thing, but jumping jacks make me have to pee!

This morning for breakfast I had plain oatmeal, well it wasn't completely plain. I did add about a Tbsp of honey to it, which was delicious. I was very busy after that. With all my workouts and housework, I totally skipped right past lunch. Which stunk, because I had a good lunch planned, and by the time I realized it, I needed to get the kids. I drank a ton of water today, which might be why I didn't feel as hungry. But by dinner time I was definitely feeling it. I made a small salad of greens topped with tuna fish, salsa, and peppers. Then I had a few slices of tomato with avocado on top, and a side of steamed green beans. It was a wicked good meal. 

Tomorrow I plan to run a 10K in the morning. Hopefully the weather is in the mood to cooperate! It was absolutely gorgeous today and would have been great running weather if I could have found the time.

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